Cell Culture & Fermentation Analyzers

Online Nutrient & Metabolite Analysis

YSI Life Sciences online monitoring and control solutions have been designed to simplify your process analytics, increase your process knowledge and improve your process yields.  With an analysis time of 60 seconds per chemistry, our online analyzers provide rapid, comprehensive nutrient and metabolite analysis for any cell culture or fermentation process.

With over 20 years providing online monitoring and control solutions, YSI analyzers are a proven process analytical technology (PAT) for monitoring critical nutrients and metabolites, including glucose, lactate, glutamine, glutamate, ammonium, potassium, sucrose, lactose, glycerol, ethanol and xylose.

Multi-Vessel Online Analyzers


Ideal for process development, Design of Experiment (DOE) studies and multivariate analysis applications, the YSI 2940 and 2980 Multi-Vessel Online Systems provide fully automated, near real-time analysis of vital cell culture nutrients and metabolites.   Featuring multiple connectivity and data management options, real-time data can be communicated to virtually any SCADA, bioreactor controller or data historian.

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Offline Analyzers


Simultaneous offline analysis and online monitoring can be achieved with the YSI 2900 Series analyzers.  Combining YSI’s accurate biosensor technology with the latest in automated sample handling, YSI’s cell culture and metabolite analyzers generate analyte-specific results for up to 6 chemistries within 5 minutes.  Our analyzers require only 10 – 25 ul of sample volume per chemistry, conserving sample and bioreactor volume. 

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Gold Standard BioSensor Technology

The key to generating analyte-specific results in 60 seconds or less is YSI’s innovative biosensor technology. Using the inherent specificity of enzymes for a single target analyte, YSI’s proprietary immobilized enzyme electrodes allow a rapid, accurate, and largely interference-free measurement to be made in about a minute. The unique fluidics and chamber design resist clogging – even at high cell densities.  To learn more about our biosensor technology, click here.

Quality by Design (QbD) & PAT

Designed to meet PAT and QbD demands, YSI’s online monitoring systems are a proven technology for generating more meaningful data to deepen process understanding, design robust processes and increase process yields and improve product quality.


YSI 2900 Series analyzers are 21 CFR, Part 11, GAMP®5 and OPC compliant.

Single-Vessel Online Analyzers


Our single-vessel systems provide simple and reliable online monitoring and control solutions for your bioreactor process. Closed-loop monitoring and control capability are easily achieved for any scale of operation or type of bioreactor.

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High Throughput Screening


Our analyzers provide flexible sampling options for various high-throughput screening applications such as cell line development, microbial strain characterization, or   DOE. 

YSI 2900 Series analyzers can be configured for 96-well, 48-well, or 24-well plates and various test tube and micro-centrifuge tubes. Plate and tube configurations can be saved for future batch analysis.

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Flexibility & Scalability

Our online monitoring and control systems are scale-independent. They feature automated aseptic sampling, near real-time analysis, and flexible bioreactor interfaces, allowing online monitoring and control solutions for virtually any type or scale of the bioreactor system.

Connectivity & Data Management

YSI’s online monitoring systems provide multiple connectivity and data management options to seamlessly integrate your culture nutrient and metabolite data into any process management system, SCADA, data historian, or bioreactor controller. Connectivity options include analog (0-5V), RS-232, TCP/IP, and OPC.

Remote Access

Remotely configure, monitor, and control YSI’s online monitoring and control systems via our TCP/IP and web servers.

User Interface

YSI’s online and offline analyzers feature an icon-driven user interface with a touchscreen. Additionally, our analyzers feature onboard training videos, which minimize operator learning curves.